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quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

Colection EKOS - Ingredient Castanha

Hi there! I´m gonna post my favorite products in EKOS Line and tell you why I like these.

The Castanha, or Brazil Nut, is native to the Brazilian rainforest. It is known for its rich nourishing properties and is a source of life for the inhabitants of the rainforest.

Enriched with emollient Castanha Oil, this foot cream hydrates your feet for 24 hours. It helps soften rough, dry feet, leaving your skin soft, smooth and lightly fragranced.

this hand cream is my favorite it hydrates the hands for 12 hours. it´s in my bag anytime. I´d like you could apply it and fell how it makes your hand soft and smooth.

This Ekos Line has many others ingredient native of brazilian biodiversity, Maracuja, Pitanga, Cacau, Cupuaçu, Açaí, andiroba etc. Each one with special, exclusive and delicious fragrance.

Using th es cream is better than talk about these. while it is not possible for you I tell you how it is good...I wish you enjoy it.;)

I post others ingredients later...

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  2. Hi Ludmila, just wondering if you have a full ingredient list for the Ekos Castanha hand lotion? Many many thanks!