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Hey guys! I so excited today ´cause I decided stat a new blog. i´ve been thinking how I could start it. Let me try in the begining... sorry for mistakes!
I also wanna thank you for support and wish you enjoy the blog. Here I´ll show the special products I sell and why they are my choise.
Spread the message and bring the love!!!

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Londrina, Paraná, Brazil
I´ m here to have fun, make some wonderful friends, share my ideas and thoughts, learning new tricks from you beauty bloggers. Of course I want to communicate with customers! So lets me know what you think about my blogs and product subscribing them! Estou aqui para me divertir e trocar ideias. Divirta-se nos Blogs

Let me a coment, I wanna know what u think. if you're following me Ican drop by u too;)

sábado, 16 de maio de 2009

Let me introduce the Natura Cosmetic

Since its creation, Natura’s mission and its corporate culture have been based on respect for the environment, social responsibility, and a concern for passing on a healthier planet to future generations.

We seek to run our business based on a responsible management model, which engenders economic growth and seeks to perpetuate the company while taking environmental and social-impact concerns into consideration.

As a result, we dedicate all our efforts to making strategic and practical decisions that create a sense of social inclusion and are compatible with sustainable development.

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