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sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

What personality type are you?

When the network marketing industry is looked at as a whole you 3 major personality types become evident dominating the industry. These personality types can be explained by referring to 3 animal types, the sheep, the cub and the lion.

The Sheep Personality Type

This is the follower in the industry. This is the 95% that makes up the industry. They follow the herd believing that how the herd markets their business is how they should market, all the sheep surely can’t be wrong, These are the once most frustrated in network marketing. They are promoting their business opportunity like all the rest of the marketing sheep, some even alienating friends and family to do it.

The sheep is the personality type that really wants success but is frightened to break away from the pack and start different strategies in marketing. The sheep will often look for quick answers or magic solutions to their marketing hardships and dreams of being the “overnight success” story. They struggle trying to market their business like everyone and eventually either give up out of frustration or are forced out of the business because they go broke.

The Cub Personality Type

This personality type is the apprentice of the industry. They realize that just because everyone else is marketing one way it doesn’t necessarily means that its the best way to market. Cubs look for successful internet marketers and learn their way of marketing. They invest not in advertising but in training and various courses. They start perfecting different marketing strategies and are quick to put to action what they learn.

The cub unlike the sheep has already started seeing success with their business and go out and try to inspire sheep to break away form the pack leading by example. Cub personality has a strong desire for success but, unlike the sheep, they know that success is not going to happen over night but that it will eventually happen if they are persistent and consistent in their actions.

They work just as hard on improving their mindset as they do to improve their marketing, they know that success is dependent on their mindset. The cub personalities will have mentors, people who they want to be like who have already achieved substantial success. The lion personality type is the cub’s mentor.

The Lion Personality Type

The lion is the leader. They are the mentors of the cubs and the envy of the sheep. To most marketers the success that the lions create looks effortless.

The lion can create overnight success in any network marketing business, because they already know how to do it. They possess a strong positive success mindset, and never allow any negativity into their lives. This personality type is magnetic, attracting droves of marketers to them wanting to joins the lions enterprise. The lions know that their success is a result of continuous daily actions and perseverance over obstacles. No obstacles are ever too great for the lion, they are willing to do whatever it takes to get their goals.

Now ask yourself this question. What personality type are you?

Every sheep and cub can become a lion in the network marketing industry. All they just need to make a committed decision that failure is not an option and step away form doing what everyone else is doing. If you want become a marketing lion ask me how.

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